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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements in the Nordic Countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, or involving organisations from these countries.

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10x Genomics–Fidelity: investment, 201901 financing round Series D extension totalling $35m incl existing + co-investor Fidelity 2019-01-07
10x Genomics–Meritech Capital: investment, 201901 financing round Series D extension totalling $35m incl existing + lead investor Meritech Capital 2019-01-07
10x Genomics–SEVERAL: investment, 201901 financing round Series D extension $35m led by Meritech Capital + incl Fidelity + Wells Fargo 2019-01-07
10x Genomics–Wells Fargo: investment, 201901 financing round Series D extension totalling $35m incl existing + co-investor Wells Fargo 2019-01-07
4DCellFate project–CLC bio: stem cell research, 201202– 5y CLC bio AS is partner in FP7 project 2012-02-13
4DCellFate project–EU (govt): grant, 201202– 5y FP7 grant €12m 2012-02-13
Abide Therapeutics–Lundbeck: investment, 201905 acquisition $250m upfront + $150m milestones of Abide by Lundbeck 2019-05-06
Ablynx–Algeta: cancer drugs, 201211– collab research to evaluate thorium-227 alpha-pharmaceutical with Nanobodies to treat cancer 2012-11-21
Ablynx–Novo Group: investment, 201712– acquisition unsolicited cash offer €2.6b up to €30.5/share ANNOUNCED + REJECTED 2017-12-22
Ablynx–Sanofi: investment, 201801–201806 acquisition recommended cash tender offer €3.9b with €45/share 2018-01-29
Abunda Nutrition–Evolva: food ingredients, 201010– collab expansion + extension €na 2y research production methods for high-value food ingredients 2010-10-25
Acacia Pharma–Gilde Investment: investment, 201103 financing round Series A totalling $10m incl existing investor Gilde Healthcare 2011-03-31
Acacia Pharma–Lundbeck: investment, 201103 financing round Series A totalling $10m incl new investor Lundbeckfond Ventures 2011-03-31
Acacia Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201103 financing round Series A $10m from new investor Lundbeckfond Ventures + existing investor Gilde Healthcare 2011-03-31
Acacia Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201309 financing round Series B £15m led by new invesors Fidelity Biosciences + Novo A/S 2013-09-03
Acacia Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201802–201803 initial global offering €40m private placement 11.1m shares at €3.6 + listing on Euronext Brussels 2018-02-05
ACE Biosciences–Zymenex: investment, 200911 acquisition 2009-11-09
Acesion Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201611 financing round Series A €9.1m from Wellcome Trust + Novo Seeds 2016-11-01
Acino–Nordic Capital: investment, 201310– public tender offer CHF398m with CHF115/share by Avista Capital Partners + Nordic Capital 2013-10-02
aCROnordic–Manipal: investment, 201103–2012 acquisition of aCROnordic A/S by Ecron Acunova GmbH 2011-03-28
Actavis–Bioton: insulin products, 201201– collab + jv €55.5m with €22.25m upfront developm + production by Bioton + sales in Europe + US by Actavis 2012-01-30
Actavis–Watson: investment, 201204–201210 acquisition €4.15b in cash + milestone-based issue of up to 5.5m common shares (approx €250m) 2012-04-25
Actelion–Qlucore: bioinformatics, 201507– license 3y to Omics Explorer s/w after using it since 2011 2015-07-01
Action Pharma–Abbott: AP214, 201205 acquisition $110m of AP214 by Abbott 2012-05-01
Active Biotech–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201003– service €na identification of small molecule leads by HT screening for specific target 2010-03-11
Active Biotech–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201106– service €na medicinal chemistry services after successful HTS 2011-06-06
Active Biotech–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201204– service €na expansion medicinal chemistry services drug optimisation 2012-04-26
Active Biotech–Investor AB: investment, 201303 capital increase SEK270m 6m new shares SEK45/share sold to Investor AB 2013-03-06
Active Biotech–SEVERAL: investment, 201001 private placement SEK375m 2.5m new shares SEK150/share 2011-01-26
Active Biotech–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 rights issue SEK225m with 15m new shares issued 2014-12-29
ADITEC project–EU (govt): grant, 201110–201609 funding €29.98m from EU out of total project cost of €41m 2011-10-01
AdvanDx–OpGen: investment, 201507 merger acquisition by AdvanDx for 682k shares of OpGen common stock 2015-07-14
Aerocrine–Circassia: investment, 201506 acquisition of Aerocrine AB by Circassia 2015-06-18
Aerocrine–Odlander Fredrikson: investment, –201506 existent investment listed on HealthCap web site 2015-06-18
Affimed–Novo Group: investment, 201210 financing round Series D totalling €15.5m incl investor Novo Nordisk A/S 2012-10-08
Agilent–Applied Spectral Imaging: FISH technology, 201604– collab co-marketing of GenASIs imaging platform w Agilent FISH products + solutions 2016-04-07
Agilent–Cell Signaling Technology: diagnostic antibodies, 201501– supply €na strategic partnership to supply ABs for Dako companion Dx products 2015-01-12
Agilent–System Dynamics: connectivity software, 201212 acquisition of IP + development team €na by Dako 2012-12-21
AH Diagnostics–Aushon BioSystems: ELISA technology, 201210– excl distribution of Cira platform products for multiplex ELISAs in Scandinavia 2012-10-30
Ahma–Eurofins: investment, 201704 acquisition of 2nd largest Finnish environmental testing lab Ahma Group by Eurofins 2017-04-04
Airsonett–Sweden (govt): investment, 201201 existent investment of Industrifonden 2012-01-05
Ajinomoto–Albireo: elobixibat, 201204– license excl for developm + commercialisation in Japan + Korea + Thailand + Indonesia + Vietnam + Taiwan 2012-04-03
Alba Therapeutics–Odlander Fredrikson: investment, 201507 existent investment listed on HealthCap web site 2015-07-23
Alder Biopharmaceuticals–Lundbeck: investment, 201909–201910 acquisition tender offer in cash + CVRs up to $1.95b net of cash 2019-09-16
Algeta–Bayer: investment, 201311– acquisition proposal by Bayer NOK362/share valuing Algeta equity at €2.1b 2013-11-26
Algeta–Huntsworth: public relations, 201106 service existent by Citigate Dewe Rogerson 2011-05-31
Alizé Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201907 financing round Series A €67m of Alizé Pharma 3 led by LSP 2019-07-31
Alligator Bioscience–Aptevo Therapeutics: antibody cancer drug, 201707– collab developm bispecific antibody ALG.APV-527 for I-O 2017-07-21
Alligator Bioscience–Investor AB: investment, 201508 existent Sunstone + Investor AB via DUBA AB are largest shareholders 2015-08-12
Alligator Bioscience–JnJ: investment, 201508 capital increase JnJ Innovation JJDC Inc acquires new shares in connection w collab for ADC-1013 2015-08-12
Alligator Bioscience–SEVERAL: investment, 201103 financing round SEK43m directed new share issue lead investor Sunstone Capital SEK12/share 2011-03-31
Alligator Bioscience–Sunstone Capital: investment, 201508 existent Sunstone + Investor AB are largest shareholders 2015-08-12
Alligator Bioscience–Sweden (govt): investment, 201201 existent investment of Industrifonden 2012-01-05
Almirall–InDex Pharmaceuticals: Kappaproct, 201404– license European marketing rights total deal value incl milestones €100m 2014-04-01
Altair–Pharmacia AB: laboratory equipment, 1983– distribution Altair becomes distributor in Japan for Pharmacia (SE) 1983-01-01
Alvogen–Insilico Biotechnology: bioinformatics, 201511– collab Alvotech using Insilico simulation s/w to develop biosimilars using mammalian cells 2015-11-27
Alzinova–SEVERAL: investment, 201508 financing round SEK5m ($580k) 2015-08-03
Alzinova–SEVERAL: investment, 201510 IPO SEK16.7m (€1.78m) net SEK15.4m + 2 warrants for each 3 shares at AktieTorget 2015-10-27
Alzinova–Sweden (govt): grant, 201502– »Innovationsprojekt i företag« grant from Vinnova for Alzheimer vaccine program ALZ-101 2015-06-26
Amarna Therapeutics–Flerie Invest: investment, 201910 financing round totalling €10m incl lead investor Flerie Invest AB + incl RVO innovation credit 2019-10-16
Amarna Therapeutics–Netherlands (govt): credit, 201910 financing round totalling €10m incl substantial innovation credit from 2019-10-16
Amarna Therapeutics–PERSON: investment, 201910 financing round totalling €10m incl existing + co-investor Pim Berger + incl RVO innovation credit 2019-10-16
Amarna Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201910 financing round €10m led by Flerie Invest AB + incl innovation credit from 2019-10-16
Amgen–Dako: companion diagnostic, 201201– collab developm pharmDx companion test for Amgen cancer drug candidate 2012-01-10
Amgen–Dako: companion diagnostic, 201202– collab developm PhamrDx companion test for 2nd Amgen cancer drug candidate 2012-01-10
Amplidiag–Mobidiag: investment, 201304 merger in shares with Genewave SAS + Amplidiag Oy becoming subsidiaries of Mobidiag Oy 2013-04-12
Anergis–SEVERAL: investment, 201604 financing round extension CHF5m to conduct phase 2b study with AllerT from existing investors 2016-04-04
Ani Labsystems–Trivitron: investment, 201211 acquisition €15.8m of 100% of Ani Labsystems group by Trivitron Healthcare 2012-11-23
Antag Therapeutics–Novo Group: investment, 201706 seed financing €2.7m by Novo Seeds 2017-06-26
AntibioTx–EU (govt): credit, 201710– EIB loan €20m to AntibioTx A/S for antibotics development 2017-10-26
APIM Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201210 financing round led by Norsk Innovasjonskapital III AS 2012-10-17
APIM Therapeutics–Telenor: investment, 201210 financing round led by Norsk Innovasjonskapital III AS resulting 26.3% share 2012-10-17
Aprea–MC Services: public relations, 201602 service existent for Aprea AB 2016-03-09
Aprea–SEVERAL: investment, 201603 financing round Series B €46m co-led by Versant Ventures + 5AM Ventures incl HealthCap et al 2016-03-09
Aprea–SEVERAL: investment, 201812 financing round Series C €50m led by new investor Redmile Group 2018-12-02
Aprea–Sweden (govt): investment, 201201 existent investment of Industrifonden 2012-01-05
Apta Biosciences–EU (govt): grant, 201511– Horizon 2020 grant €940k as part of MARA project to develop new antiinfectives 2015-11-01
Ascendis Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 financing round Series D $60m co-led by Sofinnova Ventures + orbiMed + Vivo Capital 2014-12-01
Ascendis Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201610 public offering $120m with 6.3m ADSs at $19/ADS 2016-10-18
Ascendis Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201709 public offering $134m+20m with 3.8m+570k ADSs at $35.5/ADS 2017-09-26
Ascendis Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201802 public offering $225m net $210m with 3.95m ADSs at $57/ADS 2018-02-20
Ascendis Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201903– public offering $400m+$60m ADSs 2019-03-04
Ascendis Pharma–Spark BioComm: public relations, 201712 service existent by Spark BioComm 2017-12-21
Ascendis Pharma–Westwicke Partners: public relations, 201712 service existent IR by Westwicke Partners 2017-12-21
Astellas–Leo Pharma: investment, 201511 acquisition €675m asset purchase of global dermatology portfolio of Astellas by Leo Pharma 2015-11-11
AstraZeneca–Alchemia: drug discovery services, 201304– collab using VAST technology to discover small molecules against multiple AZ targets 2013-04-23
AstraZeneca–Dentsply: investment, 201106 acquisition of Astra Tech business for $1.8b in cash by Dentsply 2011-06-22
AstraZeneca–Karolinska Institutet: drug development, 201303– collab establishment of joint Integrated Translational Research Centre in Stockholm 2013-03-21
AstraZeneca–KTH (SE): proteomics, 201512– collab research w new Wallenberg Centre for Protein Research based on secretome analysis 2015-12-11
AstraZeneca–Lipigon Pharmaceuticals: cardiovascular drugs, 201603– collab up to $110m milestones drug discovery LPL-stabilizing small-molecule drugs 2016-03-14
AstraZeneca–Pelago Bioscience: drug discovery technology, 201511–201710 license + collab developm CETSA to analyse drug-target interactions 2015-11-27
AstraZeneca–Univ Helsinki: genomics, 201604– collab FIMM is one of three initial partners in AZ’s new integrated strategic genomics initiative 2016-04-22
Asuragen–Exiqon: real-time PCR technology, 201306– supply Service Center Agreem for use of miRCURY LNA Universal RT microRNA PCR products by Asuragen 2013-06-10
Athera Biotechnologies–Karolinska Development: investment, 201512 DIVESTMENT of entire shareholding in Athera for an earn-out 2015-12-03
Aurealis Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201708 financing round Series A CHF5.6m from private investors + Finnvera + Tekes 2017-08-25
Avilex Pharma–Novo Group: investment, 201304 seed financing from Novo Seeds 2013-04-15
AvroBio–Univ Lund: gene therapy, 201703– license + collab agreement €na for Gaucher disease gene therapy 2017-03-22
Bavarian Nordic–EU (govt): credit, 201808– EIB loan €30m to support construction + validation of vaccine manufacturing facility 2018-08-09
Bavarian Nordic–GSK: vaccines, 201910 acquisition up to €796m incl €301m upfront of manufacturing + global rights to Rabipur/RabAvert + Encepur by BN 2019-10-21
Bavarian Nordic–JnJ: investment, 201410– acquisition of up to 1.67m new shares for DKK251m ($43m) by J&JDC representing up to 6.4% shareholding 2014-10-22
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